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love these pants! Roxane Cheung 22.02.20

The pants are made from a thick/dense material that does a very good job at holding up the shape of the pants. There's a total of 4 pockets all of which are very nice and deep so they're great to wear if you don't want to carry a purse/bag. 

In terms of fit, the elastics at the waist and lower leg hem also allow for people of all heights/shapes/sizes to wear this style comfortably. The pleats around the waistline are also great in that if you are more round in that area it does a good job at camouflaging the area/doesn't accentuate it or make it look bigger or rounder. (for reference I'm only 4'8/143cm tall with a more pear shaped/bottom heavy build.)

In general these are amazing pants that are comfortable and easy to style up or down depending on the occasion. Would definitely recommend getting a pair.



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