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Two-Tone Leg WarmersThe delivery starts from Nov.29th along with your purchase order!!

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Two-Tone Leg Warmers
The delivery starts from Nov.29th along with your purchase order!!



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Price 15
Sale $15.00 USD ($15.00 USD discount)
Code P000OPLH


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  • Product info

Color / Beige, Pink, Charcoal, Green, Blue
Sizing / ONE SIZE
Material / 39% Acrylic + 26% Cotton + 18% Rayon + 8% Polyurethane + 7% Nylon + 2% Angora (Rabbit) Wool






※ Color, thickness, and texture may vary by product due to the fabric nature.
Please note that this is not considered a defect.

- Notice for Care Label Removal -
※ The stitches on the care label are left unfinished
in order to enable easy removal before wear.
Pulling the label off with excessive force may cause holes.
Remove by cutting the stitches on the inner part of the label.
Remove the label only after your purchase is completely confirmed after delivery.
※ Due to the fabric nature, shedding may occur.
To minimize inconvenience,
take note of and follow specific instructions for wash and storage.
Width 11.5cm / Height 69.5cm

The size may vary depending on measurement method.
Wash + Care
Hand Wash Cold Separately, Do Not Tumble Dry, Low Temperature Settings, Do Not Dry Clean
Machine-washable. Please hand wash to extend the product life.
Manufacturer : Nanda Inc. / Country of Manufacture : South Korea / Seller : Nanda Inc. / Date of Manufacture : Aug. 2021
Defective items will be refunded based on the regulations of Korea Fair Trade Commission.
Warranty Manager : Nanda Inc. Customer Service Center (1) 877.708.3574
The color displayed may vary depending on your screen.
The accurate color of the item is better displayed on the detailed photos at the bottom of the page.
Unauthorized use of images on this website is strictly prohibited and can result in civil and criminal penalties.

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